Legena Progress

Hi guys,

Another 2 weeks, and a bit more progress. I have been gathering plenty of feedback with a vast amount of it being highly positive. The only negative feedback has been from a guy who doesn’t like JRPGs. So that is very good! In other news, I have been testing the game on Android devices, including the GameStick and OUYA. I am happy to announce in fact that the Legena series will arrive on OUYA. I am very confident in this due to the discussion I’ve had with the guys behind the OUYA. And the GameStick is following behind too. I just have to confirm the content (age rating) I have planned is allowed.

I still need the feedback btw! So be sure to try out it and find any faults!


Happy Gaming!

Legena News : Demo

Hi guys,

It’s been a long time since I posted here. But that’s because I have been very very busy! But for the right reasons! Legena : Union Tides now has a demo and I am even planning a KickStarter as I think it can go the distance! As well as that, I’ve been building the website, completing a Bookkeeping course and seeking business advice on my dream of running a company.

There is one problem though. I need the feedback. So be sure to try out it and find any faults!


Happy Gaming!

Legena News : What’s been going on?

It’s been a very rough month on my end. There has been a lot of personal and family issues in the last month which has pulled my attention away from Legena. And the lost of some Legena progress due to a laptop repair was the nail in the coffin. We missed AdventureX because of. I felt absolutely gutted about it as I personally was excited about it.


But it’s not all bad news! Legena has been reshaped a little and is better than ever! Sure we missed AdventureX but it may be for the better if the end result is anything to say.

  • Neatened the Battle GUI. Weather and Guardians are found in the Skill menu
  • Skills are sorted in the order they appear in the Feather grid
  • Tiles upgrade. It looks great!
  • Atesan Turwin has been redesigned aesthetically and more importantly, mentally (see below)
  • Added content and Loyalty Codes
  • All sorts!

But the main focus on this post is to reveal the character Atesan Turwin, the advisor to King Tetiro. Who I will reveal at a later date. Atesan Turwin was written to be a gay main protagonist. Maybe one of the only to exist. In regards to his story, I didn’t just want a “hero saves the day and the gay is happy” story. I wanted to do a darker side of the gay lifestyle which is that there are still countries that find it illegal and foul. And innocent people suffer

Backstory : Before the events of the trilogy, Atesan Turwin was outed by a villager. In a land where homosexuality is illegal, Atesan became a wanted man and has been captured by the Vigil multiple times. By the start of the trilogy, Atesan was made a free man and homosexuality was made legal. But the damage was already done. His mind was scarred.

Appearance : I wanted a subtle design for Atesan so I went for a smart beige shirt with a dark grey waistcoat and dark brown trousers. With a standard pair of brown shoes. But I also gave him a handkerchiefs to discreet show his sexuality. As for body traits, I’ve given him a scar on the face and a lot of scars on his back from the torture he endured.

Personality : Before the events of the trilogy, he had a very strong distrust for anyone. He was ruthless and had no care for the fate of the land. Over time he eventually showed his real colours as a kind and caring man despite the pain he has endured. He rarely shows his emotions, even after becoming a free man.


I will be posting screenshots of the first story scenes very soon I hope!

Legena Dev Video #2-5

Hey guys,


I need to apologize for the lack of posts. I have been sooooo busy with the Legena Engine but the fruits of my labor has been revealed. We are now 5 weeks ahead of schedule, the engine is nearly complete and we now have 1/3 of the first game’s soundtrack complete. This is going much better than we expected!



We also have a website for the team! Check it out!

Legena Engine : Dev Video #1

It’s been a brilliant week for me!

I went to Develop Brighton and made new contacts, I’ve been making fantastic progress on the engine and more importantly, I showed off the RPG engine as of wednesday to professional and indie developers at Develop Brighton and they liked what they saw! At this rate, Legena will be a rising success! Not counting my chickens here though. It’s a long way to go!

But I thought I’d post a Dev Video of the engine in progress. It was taken tuesday evening before the expo. They will be another video in time!

This video demonstrates new features and upgrades.

– A Weather system that effects the battle’s circumstances. And the means to change the weather!
– A new Skill system. That allows you to level skills!
– A brand new control layout. One for each platform supported!
– Battle Items! Use skills without using CP and SP!
– A Battle Queue! Now you can see who is going next!
– Debuffs! Infect your foes with many ailments!
– Animated Characters! No more 1-frame animations!
– And more!

You will also be able to keep track at TIGSource. But that will be sometime soon!

Android Screen Sizes

If you have developed for Android, you will have noticed that Android devices are the worst when it comes to producing a consistent User Interface and Control Scheme. Why? Because Android devices come in all sizes. No single screen resolution will cover them all and this reason is perhaps one of the big reasons to why I was put off developing for Android for a long time.

To fix this, you need to make the User Interface and Control Scheme flexible. Fortunately the screen resolution has a width and a height.  And usually, there is one side that is the shortest (width for portrait screens and height for landscape screens). The best way to deal with the multiple screen resolution size is to keep the shortest game screen size side’s pixel dimension consistent and make the longest game side of the screen flexible.

As I mentioned earlier, screen resolutions for Android devices come in all sizes. HOWEVER. The screen ratio (in almost every case) will lie between the values of 1 and 2 (depending how you calculate it). How do we find out this screen ratio? Simple!

(longest device screen side’s pixel dimension) / (shortest device screen side’s pixel dimension)

For example, 640 x 480 will have the screen ratio of 1.3333333 (640 / 480). However 320 x 240 will also have the same ratio! Try it out!

So how does this help? Simple, by using this screen ratio, we can calculate the longest game screen side’s pixel dimension.

longest game screen side’s pixel dimension = shortest game screen side’s pixel dimension * screen ratio

Let’s go back to the example. We know that the screen ratio was 1.3333333. Now if we times that by 480, we’ll get 640! But let’s spice things up. How about this? Say the game screen’s shortest side was 150 pixels instead! Surely we can’t get the screen resolution to match it. Wrong! If you times 150 by the screen ratio, we will have 200. And because 200 x 150 has the same screen ratio as 640 x 480, it should scale up quite nicely. In some cases you will have decimal places as a dimension side. This should not be a problem. (Feel free to prove me wrong if otherwise)

So there you have it. Hopefully this will provide help to all you Android programmers out there! Happy programming!